13 Jun 2021 02:25 AM


Co-curricular activity

By integrating the academic work and mental development through various co- curricular activities, the school seeks to foster competence, creativity and innovative sprits, both through and beyond the school.

We encourage the student to make the most of every opportunity which will help them to insight. The student of Sunshine school have made us proud by emerging victorious in numerous inter school competition. We aim to further enhance the participation of the student in activities such as
• Regular intra-school and inter school activities like literary and cultural activities, games and sports.
• Social activities as well as awareness programs.
• Class wise educational tour as well as subject based field visits are a part of the school activities.


SAFE (Sunshine Association of Friends of environment): the SAFE members voluntarily engage in awareness, cleaning and other inter house programs.
SSQC (Sunshine Students Quality Circle): members participate in SQC National and International Convention besides the school activities.


The school publishes its school magazines "SUARYA JYOTI". Which reflect a glimpse of overall school activities. Besides, regular publication of the wall magazine on various occasions helps the student to flourish their creativity.

House system

All intra school activities are organized at different level on the basis of school house structure to promote healthy competition among the students. Students from UKG to class 10 are divided into four houses each named after the name of gems.

Ruby               Red
Emerald         Green
Sapphire        Blue
Topaz            Yellow