24 Jul 2021 10:09 AM

About Us

Message from Principal's Desk

Principal ImageSunshine National school is a co-educational school, which aims at catering to the needs of children, hence helping them to grow physically, mentally, and psychologically. With an environment for learning with a wide range of activities along with academics, the school gives its student all the possible opportunities to explore their potentials fully. Located in the heart of historic city, Bhaktapur we have adopted student centered teaching-learning, which does not allow punishment but consequence.

Salient features

• Insightful and selfless professionals who are deeply committed to quality education and all-round development of the students.
• The school has consistently been outstanding in its academic performance. The 100% first division result with distinction for the consecutive ten years can be noted as the parents’ positive attitude and the teachers’ selfless toil.
• We has also started a separate department for the counseling in order to deal with the students’ emotional and psychological problems.
• The school is also facilitated with the regular volunteer teacher from abroad that enhances culture exchange and an opportunity to communicate with native speakers of English.


Our school is providing the scholarship on various subjects. The following are the criteria for to claim scholarship in SNS.

• Outstanding academic performance.
• Economically deprived but intelligent
• Socially marginalized
• One student from ward no17, in recommendation of the ward committee
• Late Monica memorial scholarship sponsored by Liz Day. Former volunteer teacher from the U.K.


For Boys
1. Grey pants
2. White shirts
3. Light blue sweater
4. Navy blue coat
5. Navy blue tie
6. Black shoes
7. Grey socks

For Girls
1. White skirts
2. White shirts
3. Light blue sweater
4. Navy blue coat
5. Navy blue tie
6. Black shoes
7. Grey socks


1. Grey cap
2. White plants/ skirts
3. Grey muffler
4. House colour shirt
5. Grey stockings(girls)
6. White canvas shoes
7. White socks